contribute to the development of open-source software for a weekend
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if you are a developer and you are passionate about technology, this is your jam!
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•contribute to the JavaScript ecosystem
Open Source Jam is an event aimed at promoting the culture of contributing to free and open-source software, and building community.

participate, no matter if you have never made a contribution before, you will have the help of your team and specialized mentors.
. it is recommended that you be able to work in different languages/technologies or that you know Javascript/Typescript as this is usually the most common. We will share a to-do list at the beginning of the event.

. we will form teams of up to 3 people per project. This way if you have never made any contributions you will not be left behind.

. a jury will select and reward the best contribution.

•visit our youtube channel
prize of €1200 per team
complete the form, it is very important that you confirm your participation by email
make an impact
you collaborate with both large and small projects. The former because we use their code every day and the latter because they have fewer contributors, the impact can be greater.
have fun
this is not a typical competition, that's why we work in teams. We want to bring together people who love code as much as we do, the goal is to get to know each other and enjoy doing what we love.
move forward
Contributions speak very well of you, they always serve you to promote yourself or open new doors. Do the tasks with the quality they deserve and if it's your first time, you will surely want to repeat.
•relive previous editions
•What is valued in contributions?
The classification is based on the average of all criteria. Although once the contribution is uploaded, you can continue to improve it.
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the value of the contribution provided
the ingenuity in the way of solving
There is little time to reach the appropriate quality, rely on the team.
your attitude with the rest and helping other teams adds points.
•Frequently asked questions
Can I make more than one contribution?
Yes, organize yourself well with the team.
Can I offer a contribution that I have already made?
It is strongly requested to create new content for the event; sending old or already finished contributions doesn't make sense.
Can I make changes during the deliberation period?
you can't improve it, it's not allowed to make changes outside the deadline.
Can we register as a group?
Yes, although each member must register separately. Choose a name for your team and at the time of registration, each person must write it in the form.
Why will there be a prize?
Because most open source contributions are unrewarded and this is our way of supporting it.
Who owns the contributions?
The software generated is free. The contribution will be under the name of the person who uploads it.
Do you have any more questions?
send us a message at or join our discord community
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clear your doubts, connect with other people and start training to give your best
celebramos la 3ra edición de open source jam del 16 al 23 de junio en las oficinas de google madrid. una semana donde ampliamos la comunidad en una tercera parte y elevamos las contribuciones al código abierto.
hubo un equipo ganador el equipo de jk formado por javier ríos urbano y kemil beltre; aunque la creatividad y la determinación de quienes participaron nos dejó con la boca abierta.
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